We studied in the best colleges of India. Most of us are from IIT Roorkee. We are good not only in Maths Physics and Chemistry, we have acquired important counseling mentoring coaching and health skills too, so that we can holistically guide children to their potential and willingness.

Started in Roorkee in 2005 with one belief WORK WORKS.

We can surely meet, with an appointment and with a purpose, Call at 7249930005.


People with Purpose

Shishir Saini; B.Tech. IIT Roorkee; Founder & Faculty Maths & Physics

Dr Namita Malshe; Ph.D. M.Sc. IIT Roorkee; Faculty Chemistry

Dr K C Sharma; Ph.D. Delhi University; Faculty Chemistry

Stuti Samanvay; MBA AMU; CEO Counselor and Excellence Coach


IIT Coaching Simplified and IIT Journey Made Joyous.


We Offer



Correct information about engineering entrance examination and admission procedure. Correct and sufficient information about and in subject content.


Experts in Physics Chemistry and Maths with extensive experience. Systematic preparation for winning performance.


Complete and comprehensive study material. No need for any other material. Library equipped with all latest books on subjects for additional reference.


Adequate practice through continuous Sunday tests and Sufficient question banks. Behaviour training in attitude through “Being Champion Sessions”.


Condusive for self study, discussion, doubt clearing and expanding capacities. Encuraged for thinking big and going beyond limitations.


Individual attention and personal support. AC Classrooms, and self study Hall equipped with power back up and a kitchen.

We Inculcate

Discipline, Enthusiasm, Persistence, Thinking, Communication and Sense of Purpose in our students.

We Ensure

Experience of Abundance, Acceptance, Accomplishment, Awareness, Completeness, Relatedness, Being Responsible and Gratitude for each one of our student.

To Ensure all of the Above We Need to Your

Participation, Questions, Answers, Fears, Strengths, Weaknesses, Dreams and Darn Desire to perform and grow.


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We can surely meet, with an appointment and with a purpose, Call at 7249930005.

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