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Commandments of Success @ CE

At Conceptum classes start and finish on prescribed time. A student must reach for classes at least 5 minutes before time. No student is allowed to leave the class in-between. Also, after the class student must directly go home.

Persistence leads to success. Be regular with classes, homework, tests and all other activities. 100% attendance should be your objective. This will yield in high performance. For leave, you must inform and take consent of your academic mentor, well in advance. She will help you in scheduling to minimize your academic loss..

As discussion is the best way of learning. Discuss the subjects among fellow students and support each other in learning. We have a very healthy competitive environment at Conceptum. We are in competition with students from all over India. Work like a team. Ensure your fellow students win. In the process we as a team win. One for all, all for one.

Be proactive in communication with the academic mentor. We believe powerful communication can resolve anything. Communication helps us to know you and serve you better. In case you have any difficulty regarding understanding the subject, unable to complete assignments, any adjustment problem, etc, discuss with your academic mentor immediately.

Always remember happy people are successful. While you are preparing the journey will not be smooth, there will be good days and there will be bad days. Whenever bad patch strikes, don’t go quiet, this the time to share your thoughts with your coach and surely your coach knows how to take you out of sad zone and put you back in empowered zone. Stay happy & empowered.

We maintain high discipline at the institution. You are requested to wear neat presentable look, proper language and good conduct at the institution. Conceptum is your academic home. You may choose to sit and study at Conceptum Library. Use the place for concentration study and for reference material. You can also get books issued for home.

This is the mantra for high performance. If a student can complete ‘daily required work’, DAILY, this is surest path to desired result. Your academic mentor is always available to guide you. Take Support.

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We have complied variety of articles for students, parents and teachers to understand what it takes to prepare for Engineering Competitive Examinations. Reading variety of experiences help us sail through a difficult time. We would be happy to receive your contributions too.

Results & Success


JEE-Advanced (IIT) Result

16 Conceptum Students made it to the IIT Merit List.

Name School AIR(CML)
Ram ABN 3032, 480(OBC)
Hritik Saini ABN 1800(OBC)
Harsh Saini Sarvagya 1927(OBC)
Uday Vershwal Mont Fort 2259(OBC)
Amrit Arya Greenway 3355(OBC)
Harshit Arya SVM 3610(OBC)

And Mikesh Anand, Ajay Ghildiyal, Aditi, Udit Chauhan, Kartikey, Sushant Giri, Ayush Saini, Anant Kumar, Sumit Kumar & Adarsh made it to the merit list 2017


Ram Scored 399 and Mikesh Scored 325 in BITSAT 2017.

JEE-Advanced (IIT) Result


17 Conceptum students made it to the IIT Merit List.

Name School AIR(CML)
Abhay Tomar Montfort 1122
Diwakar Yadav ABN 977 (OBC)
Shivam Garg Montfort 7123
Himanshu Rawat SGRR, Srinagar 10215
Ankit Jha ASASVM 14405
Madhur Garg APS 2 17514
Lalit Rana APS 1 19539
Nikhil Panwar Greenway 136 (ST)


And, Rashi Bhardwaj, Shivam Kumar Kalyan, Ram, Sashwat Pragya, Abhishek Saini, Vinay Kumar Saini, Aanchal Pal, Harsh Saini, Hritik Saini also made it to the merit list.

CBSE-BOARD Result Highlights

Atigya Tripathi with 96.2%, CSPS; Ram with 95.6%, ABN; Aayushi Khanduri with 94.6%, Montfort; Alka with 93.4%, APS 1; Harsh Saini with 93.2%, Sarvagya; bagged first 5 positions of Conceptum.

Total 21 students scored more than 90% in CBSE 12 Boards

In Mathematics 11 students, in Chemistry 18 students and in Physics 16 students secured more than 95% marks.

Total 07 students scored more than 289 marks in BITSAT, 2016

Diwakar Yadav, UPSEE AIR 186 [OBC Rank 32]; Madhur Garg, UPSEE AIR 264


8 Conceptum students made it to the IIT Merit List.

Name School AIR(CML)
Abhishek Kumar ABN 922(OBC)
Varnika Saini Sarvagya 2983(OBC)
Abhay Tomar Montfort 9411
Vipul Sharma ABN 9908
Ankit Jha ASASVM 14058
Gauri Jain Arya Kanya 17179
Aman Goyal CSPS 18586
Madhur Garg APS 2 19469

CBSE-BOARD Result Highlights

Vipul Sharma with 95.8%, ABN, Rashi Bhardwaj with 94.8%, Abhay Tomar with 94.6%, Prakhar Agarwal with 93.6% & Lait Rana with 93.2% bagged first 5 positions of Conceptum.

Total 17 students  scored more than 90% in CBSE 12 Boards

Total 30 students scored more than 85.8% in CBSE 12 Boards

In Mathematics 20 students, in Chemistry 15 students and in Physics 11 students secured more than 95% marks.

In Mathematics 24 students, in Chemistry 25 students and in Physics 20 students secured more than 90% marks.


JEE-Advanced (IIT) Result

9 Conceptum students made it to the IIT Merit List.

Name School AIR(CML)
Ashish Kumar APS 1 12928
Vatsal Goel Montfort 13711
Vishal Tyagi CSA 14157
Abhishek Kumar ABN 3582(OBC)
Avneesh Kumar SPS 4097(OBC)
Priyanshu KV 1 5892(OBC)
Gaurav Kumar VM 4293(OBC)
Princi Verswal St. Anns 2275(OBC)
Rishabh KV 1 14310

CBSE Board Result

Animesh Punetha Montfort School with 96%, Shashvat Jain Montfort School with 95.8% and Vatsal Goel Montfort School with 95.4% bagged 2nd, 3rd and 5th position in Roorkee.

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