10 Reasons for sending your child to Conceptum

10 Best Things at Conceptum Education which you may not find (all ten together) in any other Coaching Institute.

1. Dedicated & Intelligent Faculty:
100% IITian senior faculty. Our teachers not only know their subject very well, they also are very dedicated to each and every student. They are trained to understand student psychology and support students in their weaker moments. We emphasize on each teacher knowing each student by name.

2. Spacious and Air-conditioned Classes:
Conceptum Classes are held in small group in order to ensure personal attention to you. This also helps us in tracking your progress and facility to remove all of your doubts during classes. The fear of asking a question or leaving the class with a doubt is NOT acceptable here.
Our Class rooms are air-conditioned to keep our students fresh so that they can focus on understanding the concepts.

3. Personal Academic Mentor:
You will have your own Academic Mentor? Your mentor is primarily responsible for your academic progress and ensures that it goes in a desired direction at an adequate pace. Your mentor will have regular interactions with you and your parents / guardian in which your overall progress will be discussed. You are free to discuss any problem regarding anything, with your mentor.

4. Library:
You will have an access to a library that is rich with useful books from the point of view of board and entrance examination. Not only that you can get a book from the library you may want to sit and study the whole day long. Just bring your food, take a seat of your liking and study.

5. Students Progress Reports & Feedback:
Regular progress report of attendance, assignment submission, test marks are maintained. If parents/guardians want to see them, they can visit office and take a look.

We value interaction with you, and do not miss any opportunity at making the student-teacher bond stronger and easier. To ensure the best of service and coaching to you and for further development of ourselves, we take regular feedback from you on Faculty, the teaching, administration? everything that you count on for your success.

6. Motivational Workshops and Trainings:
We understand the pressures, stress a student goes through at this crucial junction of their life (after class X). Also, we know the situations where students find themselves stuck and disempowered. To support them and to bring vitality, enthusiasm and clarity we conduct various seminars and programs on regular basis. We keep our students motivated and enthusiastic.

7. Necessary and Sufficient Course Material:
We have designed course material that is apt for preparation. We encourage that after theory class students study theory at their own. This develops their brain to understand science. In each topic, sufficient numbers of questions are given for practice. Our assignments are from Board as well as Competition perspective. Students need to submit assignment by due date for checking and feedback. We complete the course well before in time, so that we can revise the whole syllabus and practice level 2 and level 3 difficulty questions. Level 1 is for Boards, Level 2 for JEE Main and Level 3 for JEE Advanced.

8. Scholarship Schemes
Quality Education is not to be denied to deserving students because of monetary constraints. In our classroom programs Conceptum Education offers upto 100% fee exemption or fee delay. If you are committed to your career, we will support you in any which way we can.

9. Tests
On completion of each chapter, quanta, & module tests are conducted on Board, JEE Main and JEE Advanced pattern. Test analysis and feedback are critical part of the testing process; we do them without fail. We train our students to take test in their stride, test is a tool which tells us where and what to improve. With every test if you can beat your previous performance that means your preparation is on right track. We conduct whole syllabus verisimilar test series on Board, JEE Main and JEE Advanced pattern. Before final exams our students are well trained to handle negative marking, speed and accuracy.

10. CE Result:

We started in Roorkee in 2005 with one belief that “Work Works”.  Our 84% students reach A, A+ colleges in first attempt. Not only in competitive examinations but also in boards, our students excelled.

In 2013, Himanshu with 96.4% APS 1 became Board Topper of Roorkee, and in 2014 Animesh with 96%, Shashvat with 95.8% and Vatsal with 95.4% in boards bagged 2nd, 3rd and 5th position in Roorkee. In 2015 Vipul Sharma secured 95.8% marks. In 2015 Conceptum’s 17 students scored more than 90% in CBSE 12th boards. Total 30 students scored more than 85.8% in CBSE in 12th boards.

51 All India Ranks (AIR) in JEE Advanced (Earlier IIT JEE) from Roorkee. To name a few, Shubhankar, Satyam, Abhishek from ABN School, Ajay & Gaurav from ASASVM school, Oshin, Princi & Anisha from St Anns School, Abhay, Vasu, Rajat, Paresh, Ram & Abhishek from St Gabs School (now APS 2), Ashish Dhyani & Varnika Saini from Sarvagya School made it to various IITs. In 2013, 6 students, in 2014, 9 students and in 2015, 8 students made it to the IIT merit list.

Varnika Saini secured highest marks in Roorkee in JEE Main 2015. Shubhankar Rajpoot secured highest marks in JEE-Main 2013.

All in all, if a student is willing to put in consistent hard work with us, we are sure student shall reach its potential. Statistics suggest that, students who lived with parents and studied with us have done far better than who migrated to different towns in pursuit of academics.

She is a MBA (2000 Batch) from AMU, Aligarh, Gold Medalist Organization Behaviour from ISTD, trained and certified Soft Skills Behavioural Trainer. Started her career with The Times of India. As CEO of Conceptum, Stuti ensures holistic growth, trains and nurtures the whole organization, its staff members and students. Stuti believes in and lives from a commitment to 'no limits'. She is the soul of the organization and is accountable for the unfolding of its vision, mission and commitments of the enterprise for its customers and stakeholders.

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