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Shubhankar – A dot from where the line starts (Conceptum Batch 2013)

Shubhankar, the name spells inspiration for me. This 19 year old boy, smiling all the time. From june 2012 to june 2013 he has put in work to prepare for JEE without any sign of burden. Every day he was at the center (Conceptum Education) at 10 AM to study, to inspire, to share a smile, to support.
This year from our center 6 students (Including Shubhankar) made it to IIT merit list, a huge contribution was made by you Shubhankar.
Because of you and of course because of your Shishir Sir, there was no shade of jealousy or cutthroat competition at the center. You guys were like a team preparing for a championship, supporting each other days in and days out without fail.
I specially remember your evening sessions with Avaneesh and Aashish to clear day’s doubts. Your sessions with Shishir sir, was a delight to watch, solving Maths questions with some graphical gestures in air. Wah what a good time.
Your presence made Conceptum center jump a new level, with your kind of ownership, I could really say the center belongs to you.
I acknowledge your special presence in our life not only as a student but also as companion and awesome human being. God bless your parents and sisters who nurtured a boy like you.

Harsh (Conceptum Batch 2017)

Gone are the days when education was meant only for elite class. Mange Ram Saini, an auto rickshaw driver saw his dream come true as both his children made it to IIT. His elder daughter, Varnika Saini passed out of CE in 2015 and is now studying in IIT-Kharagpur. Never short of inspiration, her younger brother Harsh Saini scored AIR 1927 (OBC) in JEE Advanced 2017 and aims to pursue mechanical engineering from IIT Bombay. Both brother-sister did their schooling from Sarvagya Public School, Roorkee. His hard work has paid off in the form of investment in future. He believed in his children even when they were not sure of themselves and proved that economic restrictions settle themselves when you wish only the best for your children.

Mikesh (Conceptum Batch 2017)

When no one thinks you’re worth it, it’s just another opportunity to prove them wrong. Mikesh Anand, a student of Conceptum Education, Roorkee scored 9.2 CGPA in 10th and 83.6% in 12th Board Exams. Never been a class topper and never having experienced coming to limelight, he went through a phenomenal transformation as he surprised everyone securing a rank in the IIT JEE Advanced 2017 merit list and an excellent score of 325 in BITSAT this year. He has reaffirmed the fact that you don’t need credentials for working hard and achieving. There’ll always be a bunch of people who’ll undermine you and make you feel low by highlighting your past. Always let go these people and so the past.

She is a MBA (2000 Batch) from AMU, Aligarh, Gold Medalist Organization Behaviour from ISTD, trained and certified Soft Skills Behavioural Trainer. Started her career with The Times of India. As CEO of Conceptum, Stuti ensures holistic growth, trains and nurtures the whole organization, its staff members and students. Stuti believes in and lives from a commitment to 'no limits'. She is the soul of the organization and is accountable for the unfolding of its vision, mission and commitments of the enterprise for its customers and stakeholders.

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