About Us

Vision And Values

Conceptum Education is an enterprise founded by Mr. Shishir Saini, a Mechanical Engineering graduate from University of Roorkee (Now IIT-R) along with a team of experts who are experienced in varied educational streams.

CE is an progressive enterprise with a commitment of contribution towards Education. Education which:

  1. makes us aware of the unlimited power of human being
  2. gives us an access to ongoingly unleash the unlimited power
  3. empowers to bring forth new realities in the world

We are committed to invest all energy in bringing forth visible positive transformation in lives of people and communities around us.

We have started our journey by coaching and mentoring students to prepare for national level engineering competitive examinations JEE Main, JEE Advanced & BITSAT etc.

Our Vision to Serve Engineering Aspirants

100% of our students join reputed colleges and perform equally well (Academically and Socially) in those colleges and later in life. Not only that we visualize creating good engineers but also responsible and accountable human beings.

We Ensure that Each Aspirant

  1. Discovers self and takes charge of his life. (Decides to prepare whole heartedly for competitive exams, along with 11th and 12th)
  2. Designs the pathway to accomplish the goals.
  3. Develops requisite skills (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics subject knowledge and Examination Winning Attitude and Skills)
  4. Creates winning performances (Puts knowledge into winning the competitions)

We Believe

Every child has an ability to succeed. Each child can reach for the stars. It is a matter of proper training and guidance.We Stand for Values

  • Integrity – to honour one’s words.
  • Love & Compassion.
  • Courage with purpose – to defy the predictable.
  • Responsibility – to be the cause in the matter of one’s life.
  • Service & Contribution.

We want to develop system which supports and nurtures these values in each and everyone who is part of it or gets in touch with it.

This belief is the foundation of our enterprise.