Take admission cum scholarship test before the commencement of classes. Call 7249930004/5 for details or to fix up an appointment.

Forms need to be filled up two days prior to the Test date and forms are available at the Conceptum center.

Test fee
Rs 300/- only.

Pattern and Test Timing
Objective test of 2 hours duration comprises of two sections:

  1. Mental Ability: Aimed at the evaluation of different critical components of mental capabilities of the candidate.
  2. Academic cum Scientific Aptitude: Aimed to measure your basic interest in Science and Mathematics.

Scholarship Schemes

Quality Education is not to be denied to deserving students because of monetary constraints. In our classroom programs Conceptum Education offers upto 100% fee exemption on the following basis:

In its Classroom Courses Conceptum Education offers fee exemption on the following basis:

a. Admission cum Scholarship Test Performance:
On the basis of performance in scholarship test. Scholarship upto 50%.
eligible for admission if marks in test > 20%
fee exemption 10% if marks in test > 50% and < 60%
fee exemption 20% if marks in test > 60% and < 70%
fee exemption 30% if marks in test > 70% and < 80%
fee exemption 40% if marks in test > 80% and < 90%
fee exemption 50% if marks in test > 90%

b. Mean Scholarship:
Upto 80% by the CEO after interview of the parents on the basis of their income.

c. Special Category:
10% as a mark of respect to the wards of School Teachers, Defence Personnel and Farmers.

Note: Scholarships in category (a) and (c) are not simultaneously applicable.

At Conceptum Education, our fundamental belief is that every child has the ability to succeed. Each child can reach for the stars. It is just a matter of proper training and guidance.

This belief is the foundation of our enterprise.

Do you have an urge to reach IIT, NIT, top engineering colleges? If your answer is “YES!” then please take the time to carefully consider our commitment at Conceptum Education and our unique courses.

Following are the answers to your questions. If you still have more queries, please feel free to visit us Tuesday to Sunday, 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

I am school going student, How will I cope with school and coaching together?

Realising this fact, all year long CE courses begin in April and summer vacation is optimally utilised, which have the advantage of reduced load of classes at CE when schools are open. Our course coverage stay well ahead of course covered in school.

I am school going student, Do you provide any practice for my school examinations?

We understand your concern. Every examination whether school, boards or competitive is equally important. True, that after your 12th you will get admission based on your performance in competitive examinations only. Yet, while preparing for competitive examinations good performance in school examinations keep your morale high and encourage you to take up the challenges of competitive examinations. Realising this fact, for school going students we progressively take descriptive tests as well, with detailed solution, marking scheme and way of writing the examination. Our students do well in schools and boards as well. From our past record, Sarthak Garg, student of 2 year Early Lead Classroom Course scored 94.4% marks in 12th CBSE boards and joined NIT Allahabad immediately after 12th.

I am school going student, How will I cope with school and coaching together?

Realising this fact, all year long CE courses begin in April and summer vacation is optimally utilised, which have the advantage of reduced load of classes at CE when schools are open. Our course coverage stay well ahead of course covered in school.

Do you provide study material also? What other books will be required?

For all CE classroom courses study material in the form of books and printed material is provided. Students need to buy only their school books. All other required books and practice material is provided by CE library.

What will happen, if subject doubts persist? Is the faculty approachable?

We believe if a student is not asking doubts, he/she is not studying. Doubts sessions are in-built in CE’s study pattern. However, if the doubts still persist, the full time team of faculty members facilitates doubt clearance at any time, of course with prior appointment.

Is the progress of the students assessed during the long preparation?

Any preparation requires constantly monitoring and evaluating the progress towards our goal. Continuous Progress Evaluation and timely exact feedback in all CE year long course makes them most result oriented courses. Chapter test on each chapter, Quanta test on 2-3 chapters combined, Module test on 2-3 quantas combined, Competitive and school examination pattern mock test provides gradual and exhaustive evaluation.

What if a student does not perform well? Will you inform parents about student's progress?

Surely! At CE we have a unique system – CE Academic Mentor. See student care. We maintain the complete log of attendance, marks in each test, relative performance vis-a-vis others etc. Periodic report card with Academic Mentor’s report is periodically sent. Parents/Guardians can meet academic mentor any time regarding student’s performance, of course with prior appointment.

Is there any provision for getting admission in a year long course without taking an admission test?

No, there is no alternative to taking an admission test, wherever the admission criteria is so defined. Test series, AIEEE crash courses are the only courses where CE take admission directly and admission test is not a pre-requisite.

How do you teach?

Each competitive examination is structured to test comprehensive and analytical skills of an aspirant. These examinations check an aspirant’s ability to apply Mathematics and Science concepts in an unknown situation, which is the essential skill required in a ‘Technologist of the future’, who will utilise the existing knowledge to discover new laws and invent new technologies. Our courses are meticulously structured to train students in comprehensive and analytical skills.
Our focus is on training our students’ minds to go beyond memorized answers and to really start thinking. We encourage students to ask questions: “why, why not, how, what about’. In answer, teachers explain the fundamentals in details with illustrative applications. Our students’ thinking ability is brought to life by asking more and more conceptual questions inside the classroom itself. Each teacher is extensively trained to coach students to stimulate their thinking process in each subject. Students solve complex questions using their own talent and skills with confidence and velocity, rather than looking for solutions elsewhere. Students learn the fundamentals in Concept classes, apply and practice the learning in graded assignments, discuss their all doubts, take weekly tests, analyse their performance from exact feedback, practice on next level and test again and then again.

Who are your faculty members?

CE’s success is due to toil, hard work and disciplined sense of commitment to the needs of the students by CE’s top class faculty. The faculty at CE has undergone the stresses and strains that you will go through in next years. They are competent to navigate you through the seemingly insurmountable mountainous difficulties, the rough terrains of struggle, the jungles of confusion and the valley of depression. They have experienced it all. Perhaps, CE is the only institute in the region in which the faculty comprises of mostly ex-IITians. The entire faculty at CE is full time which ensures better approachability to students whenever they need them for speedy removal of their doubts and problems.

How complete systematic preparation of CE is better option than taking individual subject tuition?

Because of the following facts:
Disciplined systematic study at CE ensures best of you at examination day.
All faculty members are highly qualified, experienced and up-to-date. They guide you as per the latest pattern of these competitive examinations.
Each and every doubt is cleared as faculty is full time.
At CE it is ensured that you do the required work, so you do sufficient practice and you win.
As you go through a well planned and proven structured system, you are bound to do well of course if you follow the instructions honestly and religiously.
You have more time for self study as time is saved from moving one tuition centre to another.
As a single and complete source of study material you stay focused and learn to apply yourself.
At CE you do not need to buy any book, correspondence course, test series. Otherwise, your total actual preparation cost comes out much more than it appears.
CE is not for anybody and everybody. We take only those students who are sincere, willing to work hard, ready to sacrifice leisure, friends, TV, sleep and ready to stretch themselves to be what they want to be. It ensures a conducive competitive environment for meaningful preparation.
As subjects are interrelated the curriculum of each course is defined and structured so that pre-requisite learning of one subject is ensured before subsequent learning in other subject. It is holistic and complete preparation.

How CE is better option than taking big coaching institutes of Delhi, Kota?

Because of the following facts:
At par rather better complete study material, level of questions you practice, faculty, structures, methodology at CE. All of their material is available with us, verify yourself.
You do not know who is going to teach you there. He/She is just pass out from good college or from a place whose accent is not clearly understandable to you.
Can you ask your doubts when there are 100-120 students in a class?
What about distractions? You are surrounded only by students, nobody is there to monitor you, take care of you.