Class 12th Pass

Welcome to Class 12th pass

In class 12th pass you will participate in 4 kind of classes

Concept and Application Learning Classes

  • 80 Days (Phase 1)
  • You learn the basic concepts and first level of applications clearly through Additional Reference Books (PCM), Fundamental Assingments and Practice Chapter Fundamental Tests

Application Practice and Discussion Classes

  • 40 days (Phase 1) + 30 days (Phase 2)
  • You start applying the concepts and gradually elevate the application to next/IIT levels with JEE-Main ScorePack, Past Years AIEEE/JEE-Main Question Bank, Past Years IIT-JEE/JEE-Advanced Question Bank and Practice Quanta Tests (15 on PCM each) JEE-Main Level

Self Progress Evaluation Classes

  • 20 days (Phase 1) + 18 days (Phase 2)
  • You test your learning and identify “What’s missing?” meticulously. You improvise your approach to the question continuously through 20 Sunday Tests, 13 Tests on JEE-Main Pattern and 8 Tests on JEE-Advanced Pattern

“Being Champion” Classes

  • 9 Days (Phase 1) + 4 days (Phase 2)
  • Ensuring you are positive and centered all the time. You optimally utilise your time and energy

The purpose of coaching At CE is that you Perform better than you considered you could.

                                                                                                                                                                                Salient Features of Class 12th Pass Course

  1. Course Material includes all required study material, “No other book/study material/correspondence course/test series etc” is required.
  2. Frequency of the classes shall be 6 days in a week.
  3. Class timings shall be 9:30 AM to 1:45 PM
  4. Sunday shall be the day of Tests.
  5. If a student wants to do self study at CE center, they can. They can study, discuss their doubts and perform to win.
  6. Course is divided into two phases. Phase 1 will end by February and Phase 2 by JEE-Main.

12th pass_course

Admission Procedure

Admission to Year(s) long courses is granted on the basis of Admission Test only.

Register for the admission test personally at Conceptum Education office 9:30 AM to 7 PM, Tuesday to Sunday.

For registration you have to fill the application form and deposit Registration Fee Rs 300 only in cash.

Admission Test comprises of objective type questions in two sections each comprising of 35 questions:

  1. Mental Ability Test: an IQ test
  2. Scholastic Aptitute Test: a Scientific Aptitude cum Academic test

Duration of the admission test is 2 Hours.

Syllabus is what student have already covered in their school.

Call at 07249930004/5 to know next test dates


Quality Education is not to be denied to deserving students because of monetary constraints. In our classroom programs Conceptum Education offers upto 80% fee exemption on the following basis:

In its Classroom Courses Conceptum Education offers fee exemption on the following basis:

a. Admission cum Scholarship Test Performance:
On the basis of performance in scholarship test. Scholarship upto 50%.
eligible for admission if marks in test > 20%
fee exemption 10% if marks in test > 50% and < 60%
fee exemption 20% if marks in test > 60% and < 70%
fee exemption 30% if marks in test > 70% and < 80%
fee exemption 40% if marks in test > 80% and < 90%
fee exemption 50% if marks in test > 90%

b. Mean Scholarship:
Upto 80% by the CEO after interview of the parents on the basis of their income. Also, the marks in test should be more than 40%.

c. Special Category:
10% as a mark of respect to the wards of Defence Personnel and Farmers.

Note: Scholarships in category (a) and (c) are not simultaneously applicable.